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White buds from old Yunnan Pu'erh trees are used to create this delicate white tea. The leaves are fermented in the traditional style, but only using unopened fuzzy leaf buds. Pu'erh is the most oxidized form of tea and can mellow and improve with age like fine wine. The Pu'erh White Tea is very light in color with a subtle and agreeable flavor, with delicate notes of wildflower honey.

Contains Caffeine

Pu'erh White Tea

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  • Pu-erh White Tea is a unique and nuanced blend that brings together the characteristics of both white tea and pu-erh tea. This tea starts with young leaves and buds from the Camellia sinensis plant, similar to traditional white tea. However, what sets Pu-erh White Tea apart is the post-fermentation process, a technique associated with pu-erh tea production.

    The leaves undergo controlled fermentation and oxidation, lending depth and complexity to the flavor profile. The result is a tea that combines the delicate and mildly sweet notes of white tea with the earthy, sometimes woody or musky undertones associated with pu-erh. Pu-erh White Tea often presents a mellow and smooth infusion with a unique interplay of flavors, making it a fascinating choice for those seeking a tea that bridges the qualities of both white and pu-erh varieties.